Leadership Team

Emmanuel George

Regional Superintendent
of New York

Jalynn Jones

Regional Superintendent
of Baton Rouge

Chauncey Nash

Regional Superintendent
of Las Vegas

Virginia Boyce

Regional Superintendent
of San Antonio

Harold Andrieux

Vice President of Human Resources

Ralph Johnson

Vice President of College Access & Success

Meet the College Access and Success Team

Princess Lyles

Vice President of External Affairs

Meet the External Affairs Team

Margaret Marrer

Vice President of Academics

Office of the CEO

  • Anita Ntem, Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Linda Jones Easton, Senior Advisor to the CE


Office of the Chief of Schools

  • Tanya Nunez, Managing Director of NY Middle Schools
  • Lourdes Flores, Managing Director of NY High Schools
  • Sharese Maine, Director of Scholar Support
  • Javon Ralling, Assistant Director of Scholar Support
  • Mammie Barry, Special Assistant to the Chief Schools Officer
  • Katherine Perez, Managing Director of Elementary Schools


Office of the Chief Academic Officer

  • Mia Backon, Director of K-5 Academics
  • Blake Unger Dvorchik, Director of 6-12 Academics
  • Samantha Katzman, Director of Learning Acceleration
  • Alexandra Arricale, Curriculum & Instruction Specialist
  • Katherine Williamson, Curriculum & Instruction Specialist
  • Julia Kang, Curriculum & Instruction Specialist
  • Tanita Ellis, ES Learning Acceleration Senior Manager
  • Hannah Rebhorn, Director of Special Education Instruction and Innovation
  • Jason Rios, Curriculum & Instruction Specialist
  • Kim Sekel, Curriculum & Instruction Specialist
  • Paige Spangler, HS STEM Curriculum & Instruction Specialist
  • Kimberlyann Joseph, MS Learning Acceleration Senior Manager
  • Danielle Alicastro, ACT Manager
  • Kelsey Amick, ACT Manager
  • Heather Bezdecheck, ACT Manager
  • Sarah Gonsalves, ACT Manager
  • Dacia Sigler-Mayfield, ACT Manager
  • Sara Ruiz, ACT Manager
  • Daiana Gomez, ELL Specialist
  • Brian Duran, Arts Education Director
  • Dennis Wolfe, Athletic Director
  • Luis Cardenas, Speech and Debate Master Coach
  • Sarah Rosenberg, Speech and Debate Master Coach
  • Rebecca LeBlond, Director, Global Citizens
  • Rashid Duroseau, Civics Program Director
  • Alexander Alvarado, Global Citizens Program Manager
  • Shandrea Daniel, Curriculum and Instructional Specialist
  • Melia Douyon, Secondary History Curriculum and Instructional Specialist
  • Kevin Lassiter, Academic Data Manager
  • Annmary Lopez, Assistant Director of Multilingual Education
  • Jenee Robins, Curriculum and Instruction Specialist
  • Nicole Palmer, High School Learning Acceleration Senior Manager
  • Aaron Linskey, Literacy and Language Curriculum and Instructional Specialist
  • Nancy Martinez, High School Curriculum and Instruction Specialist
  • Samanthae Smith, Assistant Director of Pre-K
  • Emilio Garcia, Dual Language Specialist
  • Nedinma Jibuike-Blount, ACT Specialist
  • Anita Sparrock, Special Assistant to the Chief Academic Officer
  • Ray Seaborough, Assistant Director of Alumni Support


People Team

  • Alexa Gonzalez, Senior Director of Human Resources
  • Jade Morton-Whidbee, Human Resources Business Partner
  • Evan Burns, Senior Director of Leader U
  • Chabelly Jiminian, Manager of People Team Operations
  • Kristen Haurin, Director of Recruitment
  • Beatrix Jackson, Assistant Director of Recruitment
  • Kathryn Fleckenstein, Senior Recruiter
  • Saesha Hall, Recruitment Associate
  • Hadiza Kassim, Recruitment Associate
  • Bryce Fleming, Recruitment Outreach Associate
  • Walter Bounds, Recruitment Phone Screener
  • Montana Lewis, Human Resources Business Partner
  • Andy Gomez, Recruitment Outreach Associate
  • Ashleigh Phillis, Recruiter
  • Karina Tavarez, Recruitment Associate
  • Griselda Collado, Human Resources Business Partner
  • Jane Ferguson, Human Resources Business Partner
  • Kathleen Ledbetter, Human Resources Business Partner
  • Hana Halleen, Director of People Operations
  • Brigette Thomas, Director of Human Resources
  • Willie Gould, Director of Teacher Development


Office of the Chief Operating Officer

  • Xochilth Cosme, Director of Data Supports
  • Christina Pagan, Director of Data Strategy and Insights
  • Mike McKee, Senior Director of Data Support and Technology
  • Jose Lozado, Data Developer
  • Rashad Weathers, Data Support Associate
  • Tony Boler, Manager of Technology Support
  • Larry Hok, Senior Manager of Technology
  • Alexa Feldman, Director of Compliance & Accountability
  • Claire Chaney, Senior Director of Data Support and Accountability
  • Amanda Torres, Director of Student Recruitment and Enrollment
  • Cathya Solano, Director of Operations
  • Jordan Stenzel, Network Director of Operations, Systems & Development
  • Ken Mason, Senior Director of Network Facilities
  • Nina Minogue, Sr. Director of Operations and Enrollment
  • Patria Rodriguez, Network Shared Services Manager
  • Marlene Aponte, Director of Operations
  • Christy Brown, Director of Operations
  • Nelson Olivero Rodriguez, Student Recruitment and Enrollment Manager
  • Stefan Mason, Student Recruitment and Enrollment Manager
  • Katelyn Kenney, Grants Manager
  • Jon Harsch, Assistant Director of Compliance and Reporting
  • Andy Clay, Director of Operations
  • Stephanie Germossen, Student Recruitment and Enrollment Manager
  • Zulibeth Velazquez, Student Recruitment and Enrollment Manager
  • Kamil Klimowicz, Senior Data Support Specialist
  • Siddique Baksh, Junior Data Developer
  • Yevgen Pavlyuk, Data Associate
  • Humza Malik, Software Developer
  • Dwight Weathers, Data Support Associate
  • Carl-Anthony Watson, Operations Advisor
  • Elizabeth Monahan, Director of Operations


Finance Team

  • Jackie White, Controller
  • Jazmin Abreu, Special Projects, Manager
  • Willard Jones, Assistant Controller
  • Cierra Koch-Azeke, Finance Associate
  • Mario Dsa, Senior Accountant
  • Irizarry Maribel, Senior Accountant
  • Ebony Sanjurjo, Accountant


Legal Team

  • Ayoola Stewart, Assistant General Counsel


College Access and Success Team

  • John Lindquist, Senior Director of Postsecondary Programming
  • Eunjee Choi, Assistant Director of College Counseling


External Affairs Team

  • Amara Nogee, Senior Manager Visual Arts & Graphic Design
  • Anthony Hull, Videographer
  • Milowa Rodriguez, Graphic Designer
  • Charlotte Hockens, Senior Manager of External Affairs
  • Adriana Dias, External Affairs Associate
  • RK Wolf, Director of Development