Do you want to help build the DREAM Team? Refer a friend today!

Here’s how it works: For Employees

  1. Log in to Greenhouse and click “Add a referral”
  2. Fill out your referral’s information
  3. Track their progress on your Dashboard
  4. After 6 months of working at Democracy Prep, the referrer will receive expected bonus

*Once you’ve submitted your referral, you’ll be able to track their progress by “Following” them on Greenhouse.

Referrals must be submitted before the candidate applies for the desired role.

For Non-Employees, click below:

For non-Employees


Eligibility guidelines:

All Democracy Prep employees and non-Democracy Prep employees are eligible to receive referral bonuses except for the following individuals:

  • Democracy Prep school leaders and their immediate families.
  • Democracy Prep talent recruitment staff and their immediate families
  • Democracy Prep senior leadership staff and their immediate families.
  • Other Guidelines