Pathways Democracy PrepDemocracy Prep Public Schools is committed to educating all scholars, including scholars with disabilities. Pathways is designed to help meet the unique learning needs of these students and maximize their potential.

There is no group of children at greater risk of being left behind than low-income students with disabilities.

Democracy Prep Pathways partners with our middle schools to ensure that our students with the most significant academic challenges are able to achieve the mission of success in the college of their choice and a life of active citizenship. We believe that in order for every scholar to realize this mission, we must pair the methodology of high-performing charter schools with new and innovative programming for our highest-need scholars. Democracy Prep Pathways is built on five key components that enhance our model and ensure the success of our highest-needs scholars:

  • Targeted academic programming
  • More individualized attention
  • Social and emotional support
  • Identifying passions and goal setting
  • Emphasis on inclusion

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