The MISSION of the Korean Culture & Language Program is to provide students with a unique, in-depth immersive experience and foster a development of identity, cross-cultural awareness, and language proficiency. Students will step out of their comfort zone and have an opportunity to broaden their perspectives through culture and language.

Why Korean? 


Democracy Prep believes that there are numerous benefits to immersing in Korean culture and language, the most significant being unity and equity. As most of our scholars will be entirely new to Korean when they enter high school, it creates a unifying learning experience that they undertake together. With any other common language choices, scholars will likely bring varying degrees of linguistic abilities to the program. 


Learning about different cultures allows students to reflect on their own identity and increases their awareness of similarities and differences between and among global cultures, discovering values and traditions different from their own. 

  • Immersion in Korean Culture & Beyond: Learning Korean culture and language will expand scholars’ understanding of society, identity and global citizenship beyond familiar lenses and value systems, from Korea to East Asia and ultimately to the world. 
  • Self-determination: There has been a resolve among the Korean people to maintain a strong collective identity that can transcend national boundaries over a history of political occupation. This affords our scholars the opportunity to examine how individuals and people groups around the world are impacted by oppressive state power and/or colonialism. 


In both America and South Korea, education has played a critical role in liberation and progress for oppressed groups. By exploring how education has been a vehicle for social justice around the world, students will learn to take action that leads to meaningful, lasting change.


Korean Street Festival

Each year, Democracy Prep hosts the Korean Street Festival (KSF), a celebration of Korean culture and language for our scholars, teachers, staff, and the greater New York City community.The festival is an opportunity for our schools to share their knowledge of Korean culture through performances and cultural activities. The festival also includes food and prizes.

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