At Democracy Prep we are committed to ensuring that our scholars are well-rounded citizen and knowledgeable voters. Our arts and athletics programs ensure that. Our scholars study the language and culture of South Korea to expand their own horizons. Democracy Prep Pathways is a program born from the desire to do more for students with severe learning challenges.

Alumni Relations

Alumni Relations supports all Democracy Prep alumni as they make their way through college, careers, and civic life. Through leadership-building programs and events, the AR team connects alumni with one another to build community and increase college persistence. 90 percent of Democracy Prep alumni are enrolled in college, and 95 percent of alumni stay in touch with Alumni Relations.

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Arts instruction is a vital and integral part of our academic program. Every Democracy Prep school employs full-time arts educators who teach arts classes as a part of the core academic curriculum.

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A high-quality physical education program is a fundamental part of our K-12 educational experience. The program is designed to instill a lifetime of physical competence, fitness and enjoyment for all scholars.

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At Democracy Prep Public Schools we not only have a robust civics curriculum in the classroom, we also have our scholars engage in authentic civic activities in their communities.

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Global Citizens

At Democracy Prep we believe that in order to change the world, you first see it. Our Global Citizens Program provides scholars with local, national, and international opportunities to see the world and themselves in it.

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Korean Program

Democracy Prep Public Schools’ founder Seth Andrew’s first teaching job was in South Korea. He was so impressed with the culture of learning in that country, he used many of the tenets of the South Korean education system when starting Democracy Prep.

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Leader U

The single most important first step in building great scholars is having great school leaders. Leader U is Democracy Prep’s school leadership training program.

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Democracy Prep Public Schools is committed to educating all scholars, including scholars with disabilities. The Pathways Program is designed to help meet the unique learning needs of these students and maximize their potential.

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